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  • Product Nametert-Dodecylthiol
  • Molecular FormulaC12H26S
  • Purity99%
  • AppearanceClear white to pale yellow liquid with a repulsive odor

Product Details

Quick Details

  • CasNo: 25103-58-6
  • Molecular Formula: C12H26S
  • Appearance: Clear white to pale yellow liquid with a repulsive odor
  • Purity: 99%

25103-58-6 Properties

  • Molecular Formula:C12H26S
  • Molecular Weight:202.44
  • Appearance/Colour:Clear white to pale yellow liquid with a repulsive odor 
  • Vapor Pressure:0.257mmHg at 25°C 
  • Melting Point:-7.5 °C 
  • Refractive Index:1.454 
  • Boiling Point:212 °C at 760 mmHg 
  • Flash Point:68.8 °C 
  • PSA:38.80000 
  • Density:0.839 g/cm3 
  • LogP:4.54730 

25103-58-6 Usage

General Description

Clear white to pale yellow liquid with a repulsive odor.

Air & Water Reactions

Sensitive to moisture. Sensitive to prolonged exposure to air. Insoluble in water.

Reactivity Profile

tert-dodecylthiol is incompatible with acids, diazo and azo compounds, halocarbons, isocyanates, aldehydes, alkali metals, nitrides, hydrides, and other strong reducing agents. Generate heat and in many cases hydrogen gas and possibly hydrogen sulfide with these materials. May liberate hydrogen sulfide upon decomposition or reaction with an acid. Incompatible with oxygen. Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents . May be sensitive to heat.

Fire Hazard

tert-dodecylthiol is combustible.

Safety Profile

Poison by ingestion. Moderately toxic by intraperitoneal route. A skin and eye irritant. Combustible when exposed to heat or flame; can react vigorously with oxidizing materials. To fight fire, use foam, Con, dry chemical. When heated to decomposition it emitstoxic fumes of SOx,. See also MERCAPTANS and SULFATE



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